Change log:

V1.10 May 7, 2017

  • Generate and play CW of message in DTN view mode
  • When importing a radiogram, you can now select the mode on which you received the radiogram
  • Update origin and destination information based on origin station and addressee
  • Select affiliation (ARRL or RRI) logo when printing a radiogram
  • Added an Option for `out of USA` originated radiograms
  • Added Standard Text radiograms, ready for clone
  • Minor UI enhancements, and other bug fixes

V1.9 April 30, 2017

  • More and better Keyboard shortcuts for faster navigation
  • Move "next" and "previous" in radiograms while in view mode; for faster relaying over the air
  • Introduced a simpler and faster way to mark a radiogram
  • Most wanted: Search for a radiogram. Keyboard shortcut: `/`
  • When in the “New Radiogram” form, click on “Generate next” to fill in a template
    The NR with next Radiogram number (based on last one), the origin station, the date and time of originating, city and state, and the signature.
  • Bug fix that affected some radiograms in DTN mode showing server error 500!

V1.8 April 25, 2017

  • Introduced Keyboard shortcuts for faster navigation
  • Users can now select a default view for messages: (normal view, or DTN)
  • "To be relayed" is now the default scope when listing radiogram if the user has unrelayed radiograms
    Otherwise, the "current month" will be used as the default scope
  • Auto-fill the place of origin when forming a new radiogram, based on origin station's call sign
  • Retain the original parsed text for "Imported" Radiograms
  • Show related radiograms for imported books
  • Fixed a logical error that made parsing books fail if the text wasn't in upper case.
    Text is now case-insensitive

V1.7 April 23, 2017

  • Import books directly from DTN traffic
  • When importing DTN traffic that can't be parsed, the text will be saved for later clean-up
  • SAR report now shows the states you most received radiograms from,
    and the states you most sent radiograms to

V1.6 April 19, 2017

  • Auto-remove punctuation from name and address of recipient
  • When entering a new message, auto-convert the `,` to `COMMA`, the `?` to `QUERY`, and `!` to 'EXCLAMATION'
  • Added clone radiogram functionality to create a book
  • Export radiograms to CSV file
  • Import Radiogram from DTN traffic
  • Fixed a bug that caused the print functionality in Google Chrome to not look correct
  • Fixed a bug that caused parsing the DTN subject wrong
  • Message body now is automatically split into 5 words per line
  • User can choose a default mode for radiograms (FM, SSB, CW, Packet ... etc)
  • Precedence for new radiograms is now defaulted to "Routine"

V1.5 April 17, 2017

  • Better mechanism to format the body of the message on the View page
  • Missing Name and address of recipient won't stop the user from saving
  • A digital view of Radiograms
  • More smooth and faster work-flow for entering messages, for the case of copying pouring 30wpm traffic messages
  • Added print Functionality for Radiograms
  • Other bug fixes

V1.4 April 16, 2017

  • New navigation system for the radiogram show page
  • Simpler navigation menu across the website
  • Fixed a bug that showed the incorrect "Latest action" date for some radiograms
  • Radiogram now will warn you when using an old call sign for a radiogram recipient
  • Show the recipient ZIP code in the "to" column when no call-sign is specified
  • More accurate SAR report
  • Added `About Radiogram` page

V1.3 April 12, 2017

  • Sar reports now includes digital traffic
  • Fixed a bug that prevented maintaining the ARL flag on the radiogram
  • Added a `privacy policy`

V1.2 April 9, 2017

What's new?

  • Sar reports now have charts
  • Faster page load
  • Generate Radiogram from SAR report

V1.1 April 8, 2017

  • Badge for number of un-relayed messages
  • NR of last originated messages now appear when forming a new message.
  • Message now have a `mode` for receiving and relaying
  • Fixed a bug that showed the Rec. and Sent dates incorrectly.
  • Added basic SAR reports functionality.
  • Minor UI enhancements.

V1.0 April 6, 2017

  • Initial deployment
  • Radiogram functionality: Add, list, filter, edit, and delete