Peace of mind for traffic handlers

Radiogram by N2SHO... is now Radiogram by AL0Y

I built Radiogram as a traffic handler who always had trouble organizing and saving the messages I send and receive on the national traffic system for Amateur Radio - while constantly taking on too much traffic and never thinking to take a break.

Traffic handlers didn’t need another software or another pile of printed forms with complex indexing mechanism — just a tool to provide better insight and bring a calm to the everyday traffic handling experience; that can also be used on any computer or a smart-phone without the need to install anything.

- AL0Y

Radio list

Radiogram lets you organize and easily find all your traffic messages.

Using the smart filters, you can list all your messages, or choose the messages originated from your station, only messages addressed to you, or simply list the ones you worked on during a specific time-frame.

Radiogram also makes it easy for you to find the messages that you are yet-to-deliver - You won't lose your radiograms anymore.

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Radiogram is smart.

At the end of each month, and using the information you enter for each traffic message, Radiogram will automatically generate the SAR report (Station Activity Report) for your station.

With a click of a mouse, you will be able to count all your originated, received, sent, and delivered messages. All you will need to do after that, is to simply relay this information to your section traffic manager. Be the first to report

Radiogram will keep this information for as long as you have your account. There is no limit for the messages you save.

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